Bulleh Shah – Leading light of Punjab

Bulleh Shah is one the most sung Sufi poet of Punjabi language.

Bulleh Shah (1680-1757) is the foremost Sufi poet of Punjab and holds manifold importance. In him the pantheism of Punjabi sufism reached its apex.

Love for Bulleh Shah is the essence of God. He affirms that it is a fire which is lit in the heart of man. It is yearning for return to God and is generally at the moment the individual self gets separated from Him.

Bulleh Shah is acutely conscious of the differences and disputes between Hindus and Muslims and decries the persistence of both parties in their respective positions. His verses are very popular amoung the Punjabis. The reason evidently is his romatic defiance of the Muslim Sharia and an apparent condemnation of both Hindu and Muslim bigotry and ritual. Continue reading